Volunteer before you’re drafted

If your level of frustration with your working hours is more about what you are doing in them than how many of them you are working, as I argued yesterday, how do you increase the proportion of your time spent doing things that are meaningful?

In the #femlead Twitter chat on Tuesday something came up that makes a lot of sense.

volunteer for what you want before you get drafted into what you don’t want! (@ProfessMoravec)

Too many people treat service as something that they just have to suck up. Take their turn. And then end up doing jobs that are not well suited to their skills and personality, which turn out to feel meaningless in at least one of the ways listed yesterday (worthless, pointless, trivial, futile).

Why not decide what your best contribution is and volunteer for the things that you would actually prefer to be spending your time doing?

It is often the case that when we are doing work that we enjoy and are good at, we are more efficient and effective, too. So you might even same some real time as well as reducing your frustration.