Yes, you can ask for A Meeting With Your Writing as a gift

Are you thinking about joining A Meeting With Your Writing? Is someone asking you what they could get you as a gift? Do you really want to ask them to pay for MWYW for you but aren’t sure how complicated that would be? It’s actually pretty straightforward, especially if they buy you the 4-month block […]

Emergency planning technique

By this point in the term you may well be thinking that you don’t know why you even bother planning and setting goals. You are juggling way too many things. You might have metaphorical balls and broken dishes all over your office. I encourage you to put down all the balls for a moment. Take […]

Setting effective goals

My approach to planning is very process focused. I encourage you to make time to do the important work and to notice how your projects are moving forward. I do this because what I see happening when people set goals increases stress, leads to overwork, and doesn’t actually support their best work. Things like: negative […]

Process vs Product

I have an ambivalent relationship with goals. I know they are important but I find setting specific goals with an output and a deadline stalls my work rather than motivating it. I see that a lot of you struggle with similar issues in your writing. This post uses a long analogy to my own process […]

Elements of a good plan

Overwhelm and stress are only partly due to the number of things you have on your to-do list. The primary contributor to stress is lack of control over your time and energy. The fear that you are going to drop a ball is a big part of that stress. A good plan can significantly reduce […]