More thoughts on work

Today I was reading an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education about women scientists. It resonated strongly with many of my own views on work-life balance but one section in particular stood out. Don’t Do It All. Do Just Enough. Challenge the idea that you must be some type of Superwoman: Be an X-Gal instead! […]

Jumping off cliffs

Imagine your decision is like standing on top of a cliff. It seems really scary. People are telling you that you can’t just step off the cliff. That’s way too dangerous. No one does that. And on the face of it, that seems like sensible advice. It does seem that if you stepped off the […]

The value of the work you love

Loving your work does not mean you should be paid less to do it. When you love your work, you do a better job. You work harder. You care more about the quality of the product. You provide more value. You are being paid for the value you provide. Assert the value of your work. […]

Loving your work and the work you don’t love

Loving your work does not mean that you love every task you must do. When you love your work, unpleasant tasks are part of a larger meaningful project, which makes them bearable. (Ask any parent who has changed a really shitty diaper.) Remind yourself how this task will contribute to that larger meaningful project. (If […]

Love & Hard Work

Loving your work does not mean you don’t need to work hard. Work is defined by the expenditure of energy. It doesn’t have to be unpleasant to be work. It needs to expend energy. When you love your work, you expend your energy working hard at the work. Because you are enjoying it, you aren’t […]