Do you think no one reads journal articles?

One of my clients came to me for help getting more writing done and out the door. In our initial meeting, one of the things that came up was that he felt like publishing his work was a bit like sending it out into the void. It felt almost pointless. I suspect he is not alone. […]

Be an amateur

I’ve been thinking about the term amateur. I’m particularly drawn to the origin — “French, from Italian amatore from Latin amator lover”. I note that prior to the 19th century, usage is merely “A person who is fond of something; a person who has a taste for something”. If you think about how you got […]

Transitions in your work day

Occasionally my yoga teacher focuses on transitions. While the poses themselves are important, how we move from one pose to another is also worthy of attention. Academic work is complex. You do a lot of different things in a day. In addition to thinking about how you do the specific tasks — email, teaching, writing, […]

Applying for promotion: Research Trajectory

While helping a client with her application for promotion I was reminded of a conversation I had with a senior colleague when I applied for a promotion many years ago. The promotion committee will be looking for a trajectory in your research. I checked the guidelines for promotion from my client’s institution. Sure enough I […]

Attending to correspondence

I love serendipity. Shortly after I talked to a client about email in her relationship with research collaborators, this appeared in my TweetStream from a Romantic literature scholar I follow: “Attending to correspondence” sounds so much more pleasant than “answering e-mails,” so that’s what I’m gonna call it. #passthescones — tricia matthew (@triciamatthew) March 11, […]