Energy + Focus + Intensity = Higher Productivity

Have you ever noticed that when you have lots of time to work on something, you don’t get as much done as you thought you would? It’s hard to get started. You get distracted. Maybe you do a few small things first because they’ll just take a short time and you have lots of time for […]

Getting out of Grading Jail*

*the term “grading jail” is borrowed from a popular Twitter hashtag #gradingjail At this time of year, it is tempting to drop everything else and just grade all the time. After all you have lots of grading. You might as well get through it so you can get on with other things. If you love […]

The importance of your vision

One reason I started doing what I’m doing is that I could see all of these brilliant, interesting people not really enjoying their academic jobs. For various reasons you were discouraged, frustrated, or just plain overworked. As I’ve worked with clients I have noticed that one of the key elements in shifting that negative stuff […]

Supporting your own development as a researcher

Me: “The only good reason to apply for a grant is to help you achieve your research goals.” You: “But I don’t need much money to do my research. Phew, I don’t have to apply. Can you give me a note for the dean?” Me: “Are you sure? Or are you avoiding thinking about all […]

Why you should consider applying for a grant

You probably feel pressure to apply for external funding for your research. Your Dean, Head of Department, or just vague cultural norms about what is required to get tenure these days may be weighing heavily on your mind. However, the grant is not the goal. You became an academic to do research (inter alia). The grant is a means to doing the scholarly work that makes your heart sing. In this post I explain what goes into that and how I can help.