Why writing an abstract is so hard

A common way to start a new project is to decide to give a conference paper. You’ll have a deadline to get some of your thoughts on paper. You’ll get some feedback from others at the conference. You might even get to talk to some people in depth over lunch about it. You just need […]

Using the supports you need

One of the things my yoga teachers are constantly reminding us about is that using supports is not a sign of weakness. Sometimes, in order to get the benefit of a pose, you need to use a block or a strap or modify the pose in some way. People vary. We are not all the […]

Protecting boundaries around teaching preparation

In the PDF that accompanies Planning Your Winter Semester I talk about 2 kinds of teaching preparation, and make some suggestions about how much time to allocate and how to set boundaries around that time. Those boundaries are going to be really hard to stick to. Teaching gets immediate feedback from the people in the room. […]

Being part of a collective is part of your work

Just like eating, sleeping, and exercise, the work required to build and maintain relationships and to work collectively with colleagues has to be a priority. Those relationships are the foundation that makes a lot of other things possible. You cannot leave it to whatever time remains. Nor is it helpful to enter every collective situation […]

Freedom and scheduling

One of the things you like about being an academic is the considerable freedom to organize your work they way you want. You cringe at the thought of having to be in at a set time every day, take your lunch break at a set time, work your 8 hours, etc. Scheduling seems antithetical to […]