Writing in Grading Season

Back in April, I noticed that at least one person was coming to A Meeting With Your Writing more often once classes had finished at her Canadian university. Instead of once a week, she started coming both Monday and Thursday. Since others were finding it hard to justify coming at all, I asked her how she does it. Christine […]

How to take the weekend off

In the Planning Your Summer class on Friday I pointed out that one of your objectives over the summer is to rest and recharge after a busy academic year. Yes, you also need to do research but fatigue impairs cognitive function and the summer break (from teaching) is a good time to rest. How do […]

Introducing Confidence Boost

On the 10th anniversary of self-employment, I’ve been reviewing and updating my services. This post is part of a series introducing you to what I offer now. Sometimes you need help Wayfinding and sometimes you are travelling along your path and you get to a crossroads or a tree falls across the road or something and you need […]

Distraction: not the usual suspects

Distraction is the enemy of productivity. There is all kinds of time management and productivity advice telling you to track what you are doing and get rid of all the meaningless tasks that don’t contribute to moving your project forward. There are apps and strategies for doing that. But are you focused on the right […]

Fatigue impairs cognitive function

There is lots of research showing that fatigue impairs cognitive function. This is why the military has “boot camp” to make certain behaviours and decisions almost instinctual so they can be done even when fatigued, because war means you sometimes have to work when you are under-functioning cognitively. You are not fighting a war. You […]