When does Reading count as Writing?

In the intro to A Meeting With Your Writing I ask participants to list everything that comes to mind when they ask this question: “What does this writing project need to move forward?” I give them 30 – 60 seconds to write. Then I ask them to select the thing on that list that they […]

What it means to make a contribution to knowledge

The primary purpose of academic publishing is to communicate with other scholars. This form of communication is rather formal. The bar for acceptance into the conversation is high. This conversation is asynchronous and takes place over very long time periods. What happens once you’ve published your article? By publishing your article in a scholarly journal […]

When priorities and boundaries feel like cutting corners: Grading Edition

In my Planning classes I talk about the importance of defining your priorities and setting boundaries. An email from a client reminded me how hard that is in practice. This client was finding it hard to balance her priorities as the end of term approaches she has a conference paper to write and deliver she […]

WOW! It’s been 10 years.

10 years ago this month I became self-employed. My contract as a Policy Analyst at SSHRC ended on April 1, 2005. And over the next few weeks I figured out a way to offer services. I’m not good marking the beginning of things, as my partner will attest, so I’m not sure the exact date […]

Making Writing Visible

One of the reasons people have trouble getting writing done is because if feels like “not work”. You know it’s real work and even the work that is going to be most valued when it comes to hiring, promotion, and whatnot. But even knowing that it feels like it’s not really work. You do it […]