Practicing what I preach

I tell you to take a vacation. I am taking a vacation. My daughter and I are headed to Niagara to visit with my parents and see a bunch of plays at the Shaw Festival. I’ll be back in the office on Monday September 15th. I have arranged for someone to lead A Meeting With […]

Are you resisting routine?

During last Thursday’s Meeting, one participant commented that she’d noticed an interesting benefit of A Meeting With Your Writing. Like so many of us, J is prone to changing her schedule a lot. This means making decisions about whether to write now or to do some other thing on the big list of important stuff. A Meeting […]

Are you dropping the “eating well” ball?

During the planning class I had participants note which balls typically get dropped for them during term time. When I asked how many people noticed that they ate less well or didn’t sleep enough several people on the call responded affirmatively. Good nutrition is a foundational practice that enables you to sleep better, cope with stress […]

A Meeting With Your Writing now also on Thursdays

Back in the summer of 2011 I decided to try something: a weekly meeting to hold space for people to work on their writing. The basic principle was that it would help people keep their commitment to write once a week for 90 minutes in the face of other demands on their time because it […]

Beginning of term chaos is temporary

In the northern hemisphere the new academic year is about to begin. It doesn’t matter if this is your first year in the job or your 20th. The beginning of term is chaos. This is temporary. It will only last a week or two. Then you will settle into the normal rhythm of term time. Adjust […]